Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painting a Realistic Frame in Acrylic.

The first step in creating a realistic frame in acrylic
is to choose a smooth solid painting surface.  I chose a birch
panel board from dick blick art supplies for this one. I've seen
pretty good ones at Michaels as well, although they weren't any
cheaper, but when you are setting out to create a high quality
work of art, this is not the time to pinch pennies. Next I'll sketch
out the lines of the frame using a ruler a tape measure and a
builder's square. If you don't have the beginning line exact-
no matter how well you execute the details the final painting is
going to look amateurish. Then layout the carving details as
accurate as possible so you wont be running into  a problem
on the corners. now I will apply a thin layer of very loose raw
sienna and burnt umber.Using a pinstripe brush I'll sketch out
the under painting. Then I'll add more burnt umber to the mix
and keep on building up the shading with repeated layers, letting
the lighter layers become the frames highlights.
Patience will really pay off here as the sculptured
frame starts to pop off of the flat board.

This is how  the final piece turned out.

It would be fun to find an old frame that has meaning to you and replicate it.- Happy Painting - David

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