"The Carpenter's Bench" 10" X 10" Acrylic on board

This is a piece that means a great deal to me. 
I grew up surrounded by hard working tradesmen. 
There are so many wonderful memories of 
working with my father in his rug shop.
The sights...the sounds and the feel of the tools.. 
My wife's father was a Carpenter as well and as childhood 
friends we share the same memories of his workshop, 
neatly organized with tool racks and wood shelves. 
I stood in awe of someone who could 
build anything. I can still smell that wonderful 
mixture of sawdust and cigar smoke.

This is a tribute to a generation whose hard 
work and sacrifice we hope will never be lost or forgotten.

I like to think that each tool in the image represents

a piece of their legacy.

One for Measuring up
One for Digging in
and Two for Holding on tight.

To see more works and a step by step tutorial of this piece
go to the hiddencreekworkshop website.

"Pear in a Silver Bowl" 10" X 14" Acrylic on board

This is the progression of a painting of an Italian pear.
I love the contrast between the imperfect and irregular pear with the
smooth glossy silver bowl.

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